Based on legendary events, four guests are drawn to the historic Gunter Hotel to confront their past as the sinister nature of the hotel's hauntings reveal each character's fate. 


Food and spirits journalist Natasha Crane sets off to San Antonio to experience the best booze and night life the city has to offer. Staying at the historic Gunter Hotel, Natasha befriends blues musician Raymond Hall, who hopes to record an album in the same room where the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson recorded his first two albums. They make plans to see the town together the next day.

That night, Natasha is startled by a young boy in the fourth floor hallway. Natasha asks Angelica (the front desk attendant) to look into it. While meeting with Martin Adams of Edwards Ridge Distillery, Natasha learns of the haunted past of The Gunter. In 1965, a man named Walter Emerick was accused of MURDERING an unidentified blonde woman. Some claim to still hear her screams and feel his dark presence inviting other malevolent spirits to visit.

In Bar 414 Natasha, Raymond, and Cody (the bartender) bond over drinks, blues, and ghost stories. During the next forty-eight hours the stories of Natasha, Raymond, and Cody become inextricably entwined with the legends of The Gunter and the many ghosts who haunt the hotel. The storm of the century arrives as The Gunter decides to reveal its full power as it judges them one by one.  Priorities will be tested, faith challenged - and in the end their individual choices will determine their fates.